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Rocky Mountain Switchblade

Established in 1979 and reintroduced in 2017, Rocky Mountain has garnered a solid reputation for producing quality products that far outperform their price. For 2019, the Rocky Mountain Switchblade broadhead provides yet another example of that commitment to quality.

The Switchblade utilizes an ultra-reliable and exceptionally accurate four-blade hybrid design and rugged aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule. The 7/8” cut-on-contact leading-edge blades deliver bone-crushing power for deep penetration. Those leading-edge blades are followed by two wide-cutting expandable wing blades held in place with a rock-solid O-ring blade-retention system. Upon impact, these beefy .035” thick wing blades spring instantly into action, deploying to a full 2” cutting diameter and creating a whopping 2 7/8” total cut. The result is huge entry holes, massive wound channels and complete devastation on game animals.

Best of all, the 100-grain Switchblade is available at a working man’s price with an MSRP of just $24.99 for a pack of three. Packed with Rocky Mountain reliability and designed to deliver lethal results, the Switchblade is a broadhead that works as hard as you do.

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