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Hex Feeder

Keep the deer and turkeys in your favorite hunting area well fed with the Wildgame Innovations Buck Commander Hex Tripod Game Feeder.

This easy-to-use, lightweight (47-pound) feeder sets up in about 5 minutes without requiring tools.

The Hex’s 6-foot height makes it easier to fill its tough 30-gallon poly barrel with up to 225 pounds of your favorite feed and/or supplement. This durable barrel features a non-reflective deep bark texture and a clear plastic strip so you can monitor feed level at a glance.

The barrel’s built-in funnel ensures less feed waste as it drops to the Hex’s varmint resistant, galvanized steel spinner plate. A digital power control unit allows you to set up to 24 feedings a day. Runs on 6V battery (not included). Features mounting bracket for Wildgame game camera.


• Create a large feed zone for deer and other wildlife in the area.

• Distributes feed and/or supplements 360° up to 30 feet away.

• Assembles in about 5 minutes – no tools needed.

• Just 6 feet tall, easy to fill.

• Tough 30-gallon poly barrel with 225-pound capacity.

• Non-reflective deep bark texture.

• Clear plastic strip in barrel to monitor feed level at a glance.

• Built-in funnel for less waste.

• Digital Power Control Unit feeds up to 24 times a day.

• Galvanized steel varmint resistant spinner plate.

• Uses 6V battery (not included).

• Heavy-duty, coated leg kit.

• Features mounting bracket for Wildgame game camera.

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