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Hunter’s Kloak Electronic Mister

Unlike traditional concealment and attractant systems, Hunter’s Kloak Electronic Mister produces a fine scented mist that travels naturally on the breeze. Mist is an efficient and effective way to disburse the desired scent to a broad area.

“Mist is a great vehicle for broadcasting scent. It allows the wind to naturally spread the scent to a broader area,” said Jodie Daniels, partner at The Gyde Group, the developers of Hunter’s Kloak. “Using the Earth scent, hang the mister near your tree stand to provide downwind cover or set it away from you broadcasting one of our attractant scents.”

Hunter’s Kloak was launched last month with August will be the start of a national advertising campaign titled “Hide Your Stink,” according to Daniels.

The Hunter’s Kloak Electronic Mister is compact, reusable and rechargeable with a battery life of at least four hours on a full charge. The system uses scent cartridges that are quick to change in the field. The mister is dipped in Mossy Oak’s popular Break-Up Country camo pattern. It features a rugged exterior, is water resistant and comes with a lanyard, making the unit easy to transport while providing a handy way to hang it from a tree or blind. The system comes complete with a charging cord and one Earth scent cartridge already loaded.

Attractant scent cartridges are available in Apple, Acorn and Sugar Beet, and the concealment scent cartridge is Earth. The mist flow settings can be set at three, six, nine or thirty-second intervals. Longer time intervals extend both the scent cartridge and battery life.

The Hunter’s Kloak Electronic Mister can be purchased online for $34.49 and comes with an Earth scent cartridge. Individual scent cartridges are available for $7.49 each. Hunter’s Kloak is also available in Walmart stores today and this fall at select Academy Sports and Outdoors locations.

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