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Gamo Accu177

Gamo Outdoor USA, is releasing the Accu177 air rifle. The new air rifle includes many of the top features from Gamo’s premium air rifles – the SAT (Smooth Action Trigger), and the SWA (Shockwave Absorber) rubber recoil pad. This .177 Cal Air Rifle is capable of boosting pellets at 1250 FPS (with Platinum Pellets).

Key features of this quality air rifle includes an under lever barrel and rotary pellet loading system, designed for convenience and comfort, delivering excellent performance for hunting and target shooting at long and short distances; making it a must-have for any serious varmint hunter. The new ACCU177is also equipped with a 4x32 air rifle scope which ensures precision and accuracy at the shooting range or in the field.

Accu177 Specifications:
* 1,250 fps with PBA Platinum pellets.
* Under lever barrel.
* Single shot with rotary breech loading system.
* All-weather black color synthetic stock.
* Front and rear fiber optics sights.
* Rubberized grip and rubber inserts in forearm.
* Precision rifled steel barrel.
* SAT™ Smooth Action Trigger™ — SWA™ (Shock Wave Absorber), with up to 74% recoil absorption.
* 4x32 rifle scope.
* MSRP: $259.95.

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