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Covert WC20

Covert Scouting Cameras, #1 in Trail Camera Technology introduces the WC20 series wireless scouting cameras. Continuing to build better value from their industry-leading scouting camera systems the WC20 offers more features, fast trigger speeds and better connection in a competitively-priced format.

Available with cellular data service from either AT&T or Verizon wireless the feature-rich WC20 continues to deliver on a long-standing legacy Covert Scouting Cameras has become widely recognized for. With a new-for-2022 body housing the compact design of the WC20 measures 5.5”x4.5”x3.0”.

With faster recovery and better features the Covert WC20 features ultra-sensitive .30 second trigger speeds for better subject centering. With the ability to capture and transmit photos and capture video locally, those seeking intel of all types will appreciate the cameras’ ability to store high resolution images and 1080p videos on SD cards up to 32GB (not included) while transmitting previews to the Covert Web Portal and mobile app.

40 Infrared No-Glow LEDs deliver a 100-foot flash range for even illumination and exceptional media quality under a wide variety of conditions, while 1 to 3 turbo shot burst mode and MaXimum Silence Image Capture prevents spooking game. Each event is stamped with Time/Date/Temp/Moon Phase, stored on the media card and sent to the Web Portal and Wireless App. Enhancing the set-up is an integrated 1.5” color settings screen that allows for quick setting in the field. Each housing features a threaded port for use with the Covert T60 Accessory line and a pipe-through security port for use with cable locks as well as an included nylon strap mounting system.

Users can expect exceptional battery life from twelve AA batteries. Set up is quick and simple, and can be accomplished in a variety of ways including scanning a QR code for quicker activation with integration into the Covert Web Portal and Wireless App accomplished within just seconds.

In addition, Covert’s exclusive wireless plans eliminate the need to visit wireless carrier retail locations and are the only option on the market that account for a shared wireless plan rather than an individual plan for each camera unit. Users have access to their account via the self-care portal at any time.

There are no contracts and Covert offers monthly, quarterly and yearly plans, with a replenish feature that keeps users from experiencing overage charges. Covert Wireless Data Plans on both the AT&T and Verizon networks start at just $4.99 per month for up to 100 images; with tiered service offerings up to an unlimited annual subscription for $239.88 per year!

WC20 wireless scouting cameras are available at the best retailers nationwide with an MSRP of just 129.99.

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