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Covert Optics ThermX TRF

Introducing Covert Optics, the newest addition to the FeraDyne family of brands which brings to market a full line of exceptionally-priced thermal optics and non-thermal purpose-built to serve specific needs of the bowhunting and greater hunting community.

Unique in its features, the ThermX TRF is a “thermal do all” thermal handheld rangefinder that allows ranging at night of anything that has a heat signature and can be attached to be used as a thermal crossbow sight, thermal vertical bow sight, or rangefinding thermal weapon’s sight.

Powered by a Lepton 3.5 micro core sensor with 160x120 sensor resolution, and a 9hz frame rate the TRF’s unique display features a wide variety of functionality and reticle options through a simple-to-use interface with a variety of palette and brightness options to fit different lighting and ambient temperature situations.

Featuring several aiming pins/reticle on the 1.5” color OLED display (160x128 resolution) including a custom solution for FeraDyne’s Axe crossbows this unit can be adjusted to accommodate a wide-variety of weapons and projectile speeds.

The simple control system provides easy navigation of the unit’s various features and options as displayed on the high-resolution OLED display with the addition of an integrated visual laser that can be turned on or off for assistance in adjustment of windage and elevation for precision zeroing.

A 7-degree narrow field of view enhances target acquisition from a lightweight, waterproof, compact and shock proof unit that’s easy to use and ready to make the most of endeavors in the field for an MSRP of $2,499.99.

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