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Covert Optics ThermX HS1

Like having a bloodhound in your pocket! Powered by Armasight the Covert Optics ThermX HS1 is a field-use handheld thermal scanning device custom-designed for bowhunters and the greater hunting community with the versatility to act as a powerful game recovery tool or weapon’s sight.

Light weight and ergonomic, this “thermal multi-tool” buys confidence in the field knowing not every situation goes according to plan. Anyone who has ever been stumped on a blood trail or encountered the dreaded, “one that got away” deserves to give the HS1 a review.

The compact, monocular-style design is ideal for game recovery and predator detection no matter the lighting or ambient temperature conditions.

Powered by the dynamic Lepton 3.5 micro core with enhanced image processor, the HS1 generates high-resolution images that are brilliantly displayed in real time on a freeze-resistant OLED screen.

Featuring a simple-to-use interface with several options to fit the varying situations hunter’s experience consistently in the field with four popular color palette displays. Screen options include white hot, black hot and multi-color display options for total environmental optimization.

The unit may be used as a handheld scanner for locating animals in any light condition or a recovery tool after the shot. With the ability to adjust windage and elevation the HS1 is equally comfortable covertly operating as a weapons’ mountable sight with native 4X magnification and moderate field-of-view for accurate, and rapid target acquisition.

As one of the most versatile hunting tools in the Covert Optics’ line, the simple 3-button control system provides easy navigation of the unit’s various features and options, while providing the largest amount of utilization across a wide range of field applications.

Uses include observation, detection and recognition of wildlife. Those looking to enhance their hunting tool kit will appreciate how the HS1 brings an amplified sense of utility and confidence to the field that’s without equal in a traditional optics or tracking device. Powered by a single CR123 batters the HS1 offers long battery life even in cold weather conditions.

* Lepton 3.5 micro core sensor with 160x120 sensor resolution, and a 9hz frame rate
* 1.5” OLED color display with 160x128 resolution
* 4 Color modes (White-Hot, Black-Hot, Green, and Multi Color
* FOV - 14 degrees
* Ultem housing and Germanium Lens in an Aluminum body
* Size 4.3” x 2” x 1.5”
* Weight 4.3 oz.
* 1x CR123 Battery included
* Made in USA

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