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SlickTrick Assailant

SlickTrick Broadheads bring together a combination of high-quality materials, tight tolerances and groundbreaking design to deliver performance unrivaled by any broadhead in their price category. New for 2021 is the Assailant.

The Assailant is a first-in-class hybrid-style broadhead with a massive 2 5/8” total cutting surface. The Assailant features the popular ViperTrick series field-proven chisel-style tip and has a 1 3/4-inch expandable head with a 7/8-inch fixed bleeder blade to provide devastating results.

The Assailant’s low-profile design delivers precision field-point accuracy. The stainless-steel construction delivers on SlickTrick’s commitment to rugged, durable heads that perform, time after time.

* Super Steel
* 1 3/4” mechanical blades with 7/8” bleeder blade
* Massive 2 5/8” total cutting surface
* Chisel tip for maximum penetration
* Field-proven Alcatraz Blade Lock System
* Available in 100 grains
* MSRP $47.99

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