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Big&J To-Die-For

Deer love corn. Plain and simple. Every hunter knows it, and the deer certainly know it. For this reason, many hunters re-sort to using standard feed corn to attract game and create a supplemental feed. The only problem is, while the corn can attract deer who discover it is there, it holds little nutrition. To assist hunters in providing the attractant ability of corn while at the same time helping deer grow healthier and bigger, Big&J has introduced To-Die-For. To-Die-For is a long-range attractant that offers deer both what they want and what they need.

To-Die-For delivers the incredible attracting power of real sweet corn, yet it is five times sweeter than actual corn since it is made from a special hybrid sweet variety. This sweetness makes it more attractive to whitetails than typical feed corn, and the mix has a powerful scent to catch light wind drifts and thermals and draw deer in from farther away. What makes To-Die-For even more beneficial to deer-and hunters-however is the nutritional benefits of the mix that go way beyond the mere nutritional value of corn.

To-Die-For boasts BB2, Big&J’s popular long-range attractant mix that features a higher TDN (total digestible nutrition) value than corn or other standard mixes. To-Die-For allows deer to obtain more nutritional benefits, including absorbing more protein than is available in the natural environment. By being able to gain more nutrition from To-Die-For, the local deer herd will be healthier. It benefits nursing does, young growing deer and bucks during the crucial time when they are developing antlers for the fall.

“To-Die-For really is the best of both worlds,” Big&J spokesperson Josh Kinser says. “It delivers all the natural sweetness deer love in corn, while also providing more nutrition crucial to growing healthy deer and bigger bucks.”

To-Die-For is available in 5-pound bags for $12.99 and 20-pound bags for $24.99.

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