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CenterPoint Archery CP400

Center Point Archery is about to revolutionize the crossbow industry with one of the most compact, dynamic crossbows ever designed. Coming in at a sleek 6” fully cocked is the new CP400 Crossbow.

Using licensed Helicoil technology, along with a custom designed riser, cams, and stock, the CP400 is the ultimate package at just $899 MSRP. At 31.75” in length, the CP400 produces speed of over 400 FPS and packs a punch with 142 FPE.

HeliCoil Technology keeps both cams perfectly level when drawing and shooting the crossbow. This eliminates friction, giving you increased speed and downrange accuracy. HeliCoil Technology allows the cams to rotate 340 degrees that allows the crossbow to be compact and efficient.

• 400 FPS
• 200 lb. Draw weight
• 13-Inch Power Stroke
• 10.5” Uncocked
• 7.8 lbs.
• Folding Stirrup/built in bi-pod
• Adjustable Tactical Stock
• Limited 5 Year Warranty

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