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Killer Instinct BRAWLER

Unleash up to 400 fps with this lightweight, sporty daredevil overflowing with enticing power.

The BRAWLER packs the combination of aggression and agility – hitting the target hard time-after-time with up to 131 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. The ultra-light composite frame is specifically engineered to reduce bulk and weight, while maintaining integrity and accuracy demanded by serious hunters.

The Brawler features a new and innovative MAX Footpad Stirrup for ultimate comfort, stability and safety when cocking. Add to that, the adjustability in the buttstock and forearm grip is sure to make this crossbow one of the most enjoyed and trusted weapons in the field. MSRP - $399.99.

• Speed – 400 fps
• Kinetic Energy – 131 ft-lb • Width – 14” cocked / 18” uncocked • Weight – 6.3 pounds
• Draw Weight – 185 pounds • Length – 29.75”-31.25” • Power Stroke – 15.25” • Trigger – 3.5 pounds
• Camo – Chaos Woodland

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