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Bluegrass Shooter Buck

Bluegrass Shooter Buck

By Patrick Dunning

Lifelong New Yorker Robert Smith Jr. made the nine-hour drive to Kentucky for the last four days of the state’s 2022 muzzleloader season and harvested his first out-of-state buck with an outfit in Washington County.

“I’ve always wanted to go hunting in Kentucky; it’s become a state with a lot of big deer,” Robert said.

This certified stud has 14 scoreable points and carries 157 5/8 total inches of headgear. Majority of the rack’s mass can be credited to its sweeping 27 6/8 and 26 4/8-inch main beams sitting on 6 3/8 and 7 4/8-inch bases with five stickers that add almost 10 inches.

Not to mention the split left brow that’s hard to see in his photos and a towering 13 2/8-inch P2 on the left.

Buckmasters scorer Steven Taylor measured this 8x6 at 177 2/8 inches for Buckmasters Trophy Records, and it’s Kentucky’s sixth largest whitetail in BTR’s semi-irregular category for blackpowder.

Robert has been scoring New York whitetails for Buckmasters since the advent of our full-credit scoring system in 1994 and says he gets his hands on 1-2 record-book bucks every year.


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