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By Ken Piper

There’s a reason hunters so often use the phrase “buck of a lifetime.” Racks north of 170 inches don’t grow on trees, even in states known for producing monsters.

Iowa certainly qualifies as one of those states, but even dedicated and skilled hunters aren’t likely to harvest multiple giants.

Then there’s Brady Snyder, who, if he were a cat, used two of his nine lives during the 2019 deer season. After shooting a 173-incher during a special management hunt early in the season, Brady arrowed a 184-inch giant a few weeks later.

The details of Brady’s second hunt are pretty amazing. It’s a hunt that required every bit of his skill, persistence and creativity to pull off, but pull it off he did.

The details of Brady’s buck of a lifetime will be in the Summer issue of Rack ... along with a picture of his “little” buck.

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