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Close Encounters

Close Encounters

By Ken Piper

While not everyone has the opportunity to target and pursue a world-class buck, we can all appreciate the frustration of having a shooter in range and not being able to close the deal.

That happened not once, but twice to Kentucky's Gerry Otto in his quest to take a buck he nicknamed Whitey. Whitey had prominent white circles around his eyes, and he also had a knack for avoiding shot opportunities.

To make matters worse, family tragedy kept Gerry out of the woods for the better part of deer season. And then the landowner called and said he'd be doing some work at Gerry's stand site. A betting man wouldn't have taken Gerry's odds of connecting with Whitey at that point.

Instead of giving up, Gerry adapted, getting some new gear and trying some new tactics into the late muzzleloader season. Whitey ended up being an early Christmas present.

You can read Gerry's full story in the Summer issue of Rack magazine.

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