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Off the Script

Off the Script

By Bob Humphrey

While the rut is simple and predictable in some states, not so much in others.

QUESTION: I live in Tennessee and want to get on a lease or maybe even buy hunting land in Alabama. I heard the rut is in January in Alabama. Is the rut in January in the whole state, or does it start earlier in the northern part and get later as you go deeper into the state? I am looking at land in Pickens or Lamar counties versus Pike and Montgomery counties. Is the rut at different times in those areas?

Off the ScriptAnswer: Timing of peak rut in Alabama is fairly diverse and variable around the state, somewhat but not entirely on a north-south and east-west gradient.

For example, peak rut in Lamar and Pickens counties is generally Dec. 25-Jan. 8, while in Pike and Montgomery it’s Jan. 9-24.

However, it may be even later in southwest Montgomery and northern Pike counties. It’s also important to note these are generalities and you might find some variation on specific properties, particularly if they’re on or near areas of overlapping mapped rut dates.

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