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Book Smart

Book Smart

By Bob Humphrey

This hunter’s problem is a lot more common than most would admit.

QUESTION: As a young hunter, I often get frustrated hunting bucks at our property in Alabama. I feel like they are almost impossible to pattern in the mix of pine thickets/deep hardwood draws/creek bottom habitat. Are there any books out there that would be worth reading? I’m trying to learn how to actually hunt bucks in Alabama and not just get lucky from time to time. –Reid H.

ANSWER: For the most part, white-tailed deer are the same wherever they live. However, there are subtle behavioral differences depending on things like habitat, hunting pressure and herd composition. I might be biased, but a good general book like: “Pro Tactics: Whitetail Hunting” will give you sound general advice you can apply almost anywhere you hunt.

Again, not to sound like a homer, but for more specific info and advice, simply turn to the pages of Buckmasters every month. You won’t find all the answers in one issue, but just like field experience, over time you’ll begin to synthesize all you learn into a more successful strategy.

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