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Thoughts for Food

Thoughts for Food

By Bob Humphrey

Select a protein feeder type based on your goals; each has advantages.

QUESTION: I would like to know how you feel about feeding deer protein at a free-choice feeder verses a time-release system. — Joe S.

ANSWER: You haven’t provided quite enough information to give you too much detail on which might be a better option in your situation. Much depends on your objective.

Free-choice feeders require less effort and allow deer to feed at their leisure, eating when and as much as they like. This can be preferable if your goal is simply to improve year-round nutrition.

A time release system, like a spin feeder, might be a better option if you’re goal is to attract deer for hunting since you can condition them to come at certain times. It also allows you to ration food, which saves money if you have high deer densities.

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