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Can O’ Corn

Can O’ Corn

By Bob Humphrey

Corn isn’t necessarily a bad thing to put in deer feeders.

QUESTION: I want to put out a few feeders to attract and hold deer in my area. I know corn will work, but I’ve read a few articles that said corn isn’t very beneficial to whitetails. What would you recommend? — Scott M.

ANSWER: Much depends on where you live, but if you’re set on using feeders corn is not a terrible option. You just need to use it properly. That includes slowly phasing it in, making it available in moderate portions and continuing to make it consistently available. However, it will be less attractive to deer during the summer months when they’re more interested in protein, so you might want to add protein pellets to your mix during that time of year.

Still, a far better option if your goal is to attract and hold more deer year round is to manage the habitat. That could include things like cutting, building and maintaining food plots and planting soft (fruit) and hard (nuts, acorns) mast trees. Look at the general vicinity, identify what is in shortest supply in terms of food, cover and water and add it to your ground.

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