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What’s the Attraction?

What’s the Attraction?

By Bob Humphrey

Why a doe on the pole can be worth four on the hoof.

QUESTION: I had a doe hanging on the buck pole and took it to get processed. Four does came in the next two days to smell around where the deer had been hanging. Why do they do this? — AL

ANSWER: Your query generates more questions than answers, and I’d be interested in knowing more about the specific circumstances of how and where this doe was taken in relation to the game pole. Obviously, the other deer were attracted by something, most likely scent that remained after you took the deer to the processor. Deer can recognize other individual deer by the scent they leave behind in urine and glandular deposits.

The four does may simply have been curious about the scent of a deer lingering around your game pole, or they may have recognized the aroma of that particular deer. Does often associate in extended family groups. Perhaps the doe you shot was the mother and grandmother of some of the four does. They would be more inclined to stick close to her, or her scent.

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