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Scent Ban Stinks!

Scent Ban Stinks!

By Bob Humphrey

Laws banning deer urine lures are not based on science.

QUESTION: The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries just passed a new law for 2015 hunting season. No deer lure with deer urine or any body parts of a deer can be used in Virginia because of CWD. I Just had to throw out my Tink’s #69 because only synthetic lures can be used. Do you have any kind of a listing of the manufacturers that make synthetic product that we can use here in Virginia? — Mike C.

ANSWER: Virginia is the latest in a growing number of states that have banned the use of urine-based scents for deer hunting. It’s largely a proactive approach. While there is little, if any, empirical evidence demonstrating a link between urine and the spread of CWD, there is circumstantial evidence suggesting it is possible. CWD is caused by proteins that have been detected in the saliva, urine and feces of diseased deer, and some scientists believe CWD may be spread through contact with these fluids.

The good news, for those who live in states where urine scents are prohibited, is that most companies (including Tink’s) now offer at least some synthetic alternatives. And some companies produce strictly synthetic scents. Rather than providing a list, I would simply suggest a quick internet search, which will give you more options than you probably need or want.

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