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Pelletized or Powdered?

Pelletized or Powdered?

By Bob Humphrey

Question: What’s the big difference between fast acting lime and regular aglime or ground lime. — Duane F.

Answer:  Lime comes in two forms, pelletized and powder. Pelletized lime is easier to handle because it typically comes in bags. It’s also easier to apply because it can be spread by most gravity fed spreaders. It takes effect faster but has less of a long-term residual effect. It’s also more expensive ($60 to $80 per acre) than aglime or powdered lime ($10 to $40 per acre).

Conversely, powdered aglime is typically delivered in bulk and requires a belt-fed spreader. It is less expensive and has a longer effect, potentially lasting two to three years.

Which you should use depends on several things. If you have predominantly smaller plots that are harder to reach with big equipment, you might be better off with pelletized lime. If you have larger plots with a decent road system, and the right spreader, it can be more cost effective to go with bulk aglime.

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Copyright 2020 by Buckmasters, Ltd