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Zip Ties: An Archer's Friend

Zip Ties: An Archer's Friend

By Al Kirby

When archery hunting, whether from a treestand or ground blind, I like to remove my quiver from my bow.

I simply don't like the added weight or the extra noise it makes when I shoot and the arrows buzz. One less thing to rattle is a good thing.

If you have brightly colored fletching or crests, deer and other game will pick up on your movement much easier if your quiver is still attached.

These are all good reasons why I like to use a cheap, plastic zip tie to secure my quiver to my treestand.

Having my arrows within arm's reach makes it easy for me to nock another arrow if need be.

If I miss or have the opportunity to shoot multiple times, I like to be able to nock another arrow as quickly, quietly and efficiently as possible.

Use a knife to cut your quiver loose when you leave, and don't forget to pack out the zip tie.

I'm sure there are tons of other uses for zip ties, but this is my favorite.

Bowhunting Note: Here's a great adage I'd like to share: "Archers like to see how far away they can get from their targets and still hit it. Bowhunters like to see how close they can get to theirs."

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