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Yes, I Hunt Like a Girl

Alissa KennedyBy Alissa Kennedy

-- My husband and I live in Florida, but he belongs to a hunting club in Georgia. I decided one afternoon that I wanted to go — the first time in two years. Normally I have to stay at camp and keep the kids and cook. But this time he said I could go. I was looking forward to a peaceful afternoon, sitting in a shooting house — alone — and watching nature. Well, that’s not what happened.

My 16-year-old step-daughter decided that she and her friend wanted to go, so my husband put all three of us in his 4x6 blind. I got the chair, and the girls sat on the flood, not able to see anything.

About an hour into the hunt, they started complaining: "This is boring. Why do we hunt in Georgia? There aren’t any deer here. When can we leave?" All that between them coughing, sneezing, giggling and texting on their cell phones. If all this wasn’t enough, my step-daughter wore rubber boots, and every time she moved her feet, the boots made a loud squeaky sound.

I told the girls that we probably wouldn’t see anything. About that time, an armadillo crossed the food plot. Then, suddenly, I looked up and all I saw was antlers! I whispered to the girls, "Don’t move. There is a huge buck." And then I must of said the "S" word about 100 times.

I lifted my gun, took it off safety, put the crosshairs right on the buck’s shoulder and pulled the trigger. "POW!" The buck took of running.

The girls and I got out of the house, and I told my step-daughter to text her dad and tell him I shot at a huge buck. Then we run down the food plot and began to look for sign. It didn’t take long before my step-daughter’s friend yelled, "Here’s your deer."

I couldn’t believe it! My heart was racing so fast. Once I made sure the buck was dead, I began to count points — an 11-pointer!

We all screamed and laughed, and I said, "This is why we hunt in Georgia."

My husband and son soon came riding up on the 4-wheeler. They didn’t believe us until they saw the deer, which was bigger than any deer my husband had ever killed — and he’s been hunting since he was a child. We loaded up the deer and headed back to the camp, where we met all the other hunters, one of whom was my dad.

Everyone was amazed that "the girls" came back with a huge buck. It weighed 170 pounds and had an 18-inch spread. Dad beamed from ear to ear. He took me hunting as a child, but that was my first buck. I laughed at all the men and told them they stress too much about hunting. They have to wash in no-scent body wash and wear no-scent deodorant, use doe pee and all that buck-attracting stuff. We girls go out and take a huge buck wearing perfume and hairspray and while making all kinds of noise. Yes, I hunt like a girl and can still come home with a big buck!

Alissa Kennedy
Chiefland, Fla.

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