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Yarn Wind Indicator

Yarn Wind Indicator

By Joe Palermo

Several years ago, I started using my wife's yarn to help me keep tabs on wind direction while I'm hunting. It's one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do so.

First, select colors that will be easy to see from your stand, such as orange, red or white.

Next, cut several 12 to 18-inch sections that you can use in multiple locations. Store them in a ziplock bag that you can keep in your pocket or backpack.

I like to hang one on a limb close to my treestand, as well as tie them to my rifle's barrel or my bow's stabilizer bar. I also tie them to limbs in several areas near ground level around my stand, especially in places where the wind tends to swirl.

The yarn strands will let you know instantly which direction the wind is coming from. This can mean the difference in knowing if you will have time to wait for a shot, or if you should shoot quickly at a deer that is about to pass downwind.

Don't stop using your powder or milkweed indicators. They will give you a more detailed idea of wind action in a given area.

Check Out Our Video Tips!But there are times you simply cannot reach into your pocket without game detecting motion. This is when the yarn comes in handy. It is more convenient and less cumbersome than powder or milkweed wind detectors when deer are close by. You can glance at the strand of yarn and still be able to use your hands to shoot or look through your binoculars.

Don't forget to tie a few to limbs at the location where you park. Upon arrival, they will help you determine which direction the wind is coming from, and it will make your stand selection and overall game plan much easier.

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