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Work the Bugs Out Now

Whitetail DeerFebruary is the perfect time of year to prepare your gear for next hunting season. Problems you encountered this past season are still fresh in your mind and you're less likely to forget to replace something that is worn or broken.

For example, my hoist rope is starting to fray, and if I don't replace it now, chances are I won't remember until my bow goes crashing to the ground on the first day of the season next fall.

Inventory your gear and write down anything that needs attention; this is a great time to pick up clearance bargains for things that need replacing.

Check Out Our Video TipsWash your clothes and examine them for tears; take batteries out of flashlights and two-way radios; and for goodness sake get rid of half-used buck or doe pee and cover scent.

When putting everything back together, group your items for the next season, whether it is for spring turkey season or next fall's archery.