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Wooden Pallet Hunting Blind

Wooden Pallet Hunting Blind

By Landon Rector

Wooden pallets are one of the cheapest and most accessible materials you can use to construct ground blinds.

Many companies have their pallets burned or hauled away, so they are more than happy to give you what you need.

Pallets are practically prefabricated ground blinds, so all you need to finish is $20 to $30 worth of other materials: nails or woodscrews, roofing, hinges and camouflage draping to make yours as fancy or plain as you'd like.

Wooden Pallet Hunting BlindIt's also good to use pallets as flooring to keep your feet off cold ground. Use scrap carpeting on the floor to quiet sound and insulate. Ask a wood floor or carpeting installer for old carpeting removed prior to new installations, and you might get more than you'll need.

The picture included is of the pallet blind I'm currently constructing. It's unfinished, but you'll get the idea. I painted the pallets a mossy green, screwed the sides together and hinged one side where I can hang a door.

I plan to add four more pallets on top of the ones already assembled, making it 7-feet-tall, closing in the gaps with scrap pallet strips, and then adding a cheap roof. I will cut out my shooting windows, and I might even put wheels it on. By the time I finish, I should still have only about $30 invested in it.

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