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Wolverine – Nasty News!

Photo by Steve Hillebrand,US Fish & Wildlife ServiceBy Martha R. Fehl

What animal is known for its nasty reputation? The wolverine has been called Indian devil, skunkbear and glutton. Those who know report wolverines are short-tempered, anger easily and may spray a foul odor on aggressors.

Wolverines don't hibernate like bears do. The snow actually helps him find food because the wolves and deer are easier to catch. Although they live in the north and are at least ten times smaller, they put up such a fuss that a bear will often leave its kill and retreat. (Wolverines typically weigh between 17 and 40 pounds.)

They love to hang out in the high mountain of the West near the timberline and onto the tundra. Trappers say wolverines are their worst enemy because they will eat their catch, stealing it along with the trap.
They have been known to live fifteen years in captivity, and are one of the links to America’s pioneer past.

-- Photo by Steve Hillebrand,US Fish & Wildlife Service

You can learn more about wolverines at these websites:

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