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Wishing his first deer was smaller

LopezBy Vivian Calloway

Eleven year old Fabian Lopez took his first deer during this past hunting season while hunting with his grandfather Caesar Flores on his ranch in southern New Mexico. Fabian completed his hunter's safety course just a few months before his hunt.

As they were out looking for deer, Fabian said he was closing his eyes off and on since he was sure there were not going to be any deer left on the ranch. His grandfather just told him to keep his eyes open because there were deer still around. All of a sudden, Fabian said, "Grandpa!! There they are!!" Three bucks were to the right of the road they were traveling on. "Shoot, Fabian. Just take your time, aim and squeeze the trigger," his grandfather said.

Fabian shot and the deer took off! His grandfather let out the breath he was holding. "Did you get him?" he asked. Fabian smiled ear to ear and said," Yeah! I got him!"

They waited a little while and then went looking for him. Sure enough there he was and he was HUGE! Fabian’s grandfather couldn't have been prouder! They went back to his grandfather’s truck after gutting the deer so that they wouldn't have to drag it too far, but the truck wouldn't start! They went back to put the deer under a tree so it would keep cool started walking to get help.

My dad had a cell phone but it wouldn't work out there where they were so they traveled a long way before they found someone. They were on the back side of the ranch which has 642 acres, and had to go to the front end to find help. That’s when Fabian’s mother and stepdad received phone call from her dad, Fabian’s grandfather, to get up there and help them. The drive is an hour from their home to the ranch.

Fabian’s stepdad wasn't too thrilled about the problem on his day off after having worked long and hard but when they got there and saw the size of the deer and the look of pride and joy on both my son and dad's faces, it was well worth it!

It took several hard pulls to get the deer to the truck and loaded. Fabian’s grandfather said that he surprised by Fabian’s shooting skill. Because his parents had taken him target shooting for some time, they knew Fabian was a good shot.  As soon as they got back to the truck, it started with a little bit of tinkering.

When they reached the end of the road , they met up with the guys who had helped Fabian’s grandfather before his parents arrive, The men were also surprised at the size of Fabian's deer.

Fabian said, “Grandpa, I wish I would have shot the four-point buck instead."  Everyone turned and looked at him, and finally someone asked why he said that. "Because next year if I get one that's smaller than this one, I'm going to feel like I failed!"

Everyone started laughing, and finally someone said, "Fabian, you don't understand what you have here. There are people who hunt all their lives and don't get a deer like this. "His mother said, "Yeah, like me! I've hunted since I was little and still haven't got one half this size!" Fabian’s grandfather is having the deer mounted.

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