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Will They Show Up Again?

Back To "Ask The Biologist?"QUESTION: Bob, I have about 200 acres in Eastern Kentucky. It has several food plots and mineral stations that are great places to set out trail cameras and record deer activity.

When I set out my trail cameras in June, it was obvious deer were active on my property, and I was surprised at how quickly I captured pictures of some nice bucks.

My question is: if these deer are showing up this early in the pre-season, what does this mean for September here in Kentucky? Why are these bucks showing up now, and can I count on seeing them again? -- Hans D.

Will They Show Up Again?ANSWER: Those deer will be long gone, but I'd be happy to come down and sit on those stands for you just to make sure.

But seriously, with abundant food and cover, bucks will be very sedentary throughout the summer months, spending most of their time in a relatively small core area.

They will also likely be associating with other bucks in bachelor groups during the summer. Unless something dramatic occurs, this trend should continue for a while, at least into early September.

Once bucks shed their velvet they'll become increasingly less tolerant of one another and will begin traveling more and farther outside their core areas.

This change in behavior is gradual but will increase as the days grow shorter and cooler, and as the rut draws near.

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