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Wild Turkey Drumstick BBQ

Wild Turkey Drumstick BBQ

By Joe Palermo

Many of my fellow white-tailed deer hunters also love to hunt wild turkey. Here's the best turkey hunter's tip I can offer them, and one that too few hunters are aware of.

Ninety-nine percent of the turkey hunters I've met keep the breast meat, but throw the legs and thighs into the garbage can. This is an unnecessary waste of meat!

Unlike domestic turkeys, the legs of wild turkeys are tough and seemingly inedible, but I've found wild turkey legs make the some of the very best barbecue I've ever tasted.

Simply cut them down to fit into a crock pot, and then add onion salt and black pepper to taste. Pour in water until it just covers them, cover with the lid, then slow cook on the lowest setting overnight.

The next day, remove the legs from the crock pot and allow to cool before separating the meat from the bones and other inedible tidbits.

You can bag the meat and freeze it until later, or put it in a saucepan along with your favorite barbecue sauce (I prefer Jack Daniels sauce) and heat it up right away. It's as simple as that and tastes great!

So next time you bag a tom, don't toss those valuable turkey legs in the trash; get everything you can out of that hard-earned bird!

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