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Nick Brown

By Mike Handley

Nick Brown thought he'd caught a break when the buck passed behind a tree, which allowed him to draw his Mathews Drenalin. But that was before the animal stopped, forcing the 28-year-old bowhunter to hold both string and breath.

Nick wanted that deer like Democrats wanted a regime change throughout the Bush years, like the Republicans have wanted to unearth a Kenyan birth certificate ever since 2008.

He knew that Campbell County, Ky., buck with the velvety rack. He'd been watching it take shape for more than four months via trail camera photographs. That's how Nick, a firefighter from Alexandria, Ky., came to place a stand right there, overlooking the deer's regular travel corridor.

Nick and his father, Randy, have access to several farms. The one Nick hunted in 2013 was actually his dad's longtime honey hole, a little 15-acre parcel between bedding and feeding areas.

"I kind of stole it from him," Nick grinned.

Nick put in for vacation time to coincide with the opening of bow season. He wanted a chance at the buck before it changed its ways.

On the third afternoon of bow season, a Monday, he saw the deer approaching from about 60 yards and nearly had an epileptic fit. Waiting for it to clear the last tree was tortuous.

"He just stood there, behind that tree, for what seemed like five minutes," Nick said. "My arms felt like they didn't have any blood in them. Sweat was beading up and running down my face.

"After a while, I had no choice but to let the bow back down and just be as quiet as possible," he continued.

When the giant buck finally cleared the tree, Nick drew and unleashed his Rage-tipped Easton. There was barely time for a few telephone calls before darkness fell.

Randy Brown was beside his son about 10 minutes later, and they waited another hour before picking up the trail. They wound up leaving and returning the next morning after a sleepless night.

The 13-pointer is No. 1 among Kentucky's bow-taken Semi-irregulars in velvet, and it's the sixth largest among all velvet bucks there.

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