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By Mike Handley

Perry KiseOne minute, 37 seconds, from the magnificent buck's surefooted arrival to its hasty and wobbly departure.

That's how much video footage a pair of teenagers recorded of the biggest whitetail to come out of Knox County, Ohio, in seven years. Brothers a year apart, one filmed while the other shot it with his bow.

The excellent clip, which was posted on YouTube three days later, pretty much tells the story in pictures, since there's no speaking. The only sound is the thwunk of Perry Kise's bow a split-second before the giant buck -- already ill at ease -- puts pedal to the metal.

Even without a camera rolling, 17-year-old Perry is short on words. Brother Ryan, 18, is a little more talkative. It's clear the harvest was a team effort.

The brothers were hunting the family's 45 acres, Perry behind the bow and Ryan behind a video camera. They'd agreed early on that Ryan would do the filming until Perry shot a deer, and then they'd switch roles.

They first spotted the distinctive buck on Wednesday, Oct. 26, while hunting the piney side of their property. It was at 100 yards and heading away from them, probably en route to a fruit orchard about 200 yards into the neighboring Amish farmer's land.

About three hours before dark the next evening, the Kises set up on the other side of the farm, closer to where they'd seen the buck and where their father had built a box blind in the brush.

They knew they'd made the right choice when the buck strolled out at 5:30, though it wasn't within bow range and didn't hang around for long. It returned, however, around 6:15.

The boys got some great footage of the buck's approach, some of the best eye-level shots of a free-ranging giant to be found on the Internet. They might've gotten more, too, but the 200-inch stud (it hasn't been taped yet for the BTR) grew antsy and started to leave.

When the buck did leave, it had a hole in it.

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Colton Lee
# Colton Lee
Tuesday, February 14, 2012 12:47 PM
This goes to show, you just never know when that giant will cross your path.

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