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Who Knew?

Verlin Hale of Union City, Ind., and Cecil Reddick
Verlin Hale of Union City, Ind., and Cecil Reddick, who measured the antlers, pose with the new world record Typical in the BTR’s pistol category. The deer was scored at last weekend’s Buckmasters Expo.
By Buckmasters Online

-- World Record measured at Buckmasters Expo.

When the doors of the Montgomery Convention Center opened in August to the throng gathered for the Buckmasters Expo, Verlin Hale and a buddy were among the first in line. The deer hunters from Union City, Ind., had driven 10 hours in order to have a mount measured for Buckmasters Whitetail Trophy Records.

"As soon as I laid eyes on Verlin’s buck, I knew I wanted to feature it in the magazine," said longtime Rack magazine editor Mike Handley, who’s in charge of measuring bucks at the show. "But when he told me he’d taken it with a handgun, my jaw dropped!"

There were far bigger whitetails at the Expo. The co-winners of the 2009 Golden Laurel Citation — the Kyle Simmons Buck from Iowa and Bob Decker’s (Field & Stream Buck) from Wisconsin — were right around the corner from the check-in station where Verlin presented his trophy to be scored. Unlike those monstrous bow kills, however, the 11-pointer the Indiana school bus driver held in his arms was a world record.

That’s the reason Verlin made the long drive. He’d seen a copy of the record book, and he suspected his deer was bigger than the existing pistol record.

Verlin’s hunch was as on target as the .44 Magnum slug that toppled the buck.

His typical 11-pointer wound up with an official BTR score of 182 7/8 inches, not including the 20 4/8-inch inside spread. The number to beat was 175.

Tine length is the rack’s strongest asset. The main beams tallied 30 1/8 and 28 7/8 inches, and four of the points were more than a foot long. The P-2s exceeded 15 inches!

Expo-goers might’ve missed the BTR’s newest world record among the 105 bucks hanging on the wall because Verlin couldn’t stay in Montgomery for very long. But his story will appear in the December issue of Rack magazine.

"Were accustomed to seeing some very strong bucks during Expo, including a couple of dozen that’ll go into the book," Handley said. "We’ve even seen people bring in a state record or two, but this is the first time ever that someone with a world record just waltzed in off the street. But that’s part of the magic of the Buckmasters Expo."

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