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Where to Aim Depends On the Weapon

Whitetail DeerAs hunters become more educated about deer and deer anatomy, some get confused about where to aim to produce a good, clean harvest. After all, doesn't it make sense to hit the vitals all the time?

Actually, the answer can be "no."

Broadhead-tipped arrows kill by hemorrhaging, or blood loss. Bullets, on the other hand, kill through tissue damage and shock.

Archers should always strive to hit the heart/lung area just behind the front shoulder. There is little bone there to deflect an arrow, and the shooter will get better penetration and a cleaner cutting wound.

Gun hunters can make a great shot by hitting right in the shoulder. The bullet striking bone produces more tissue damage and can drop a deer instantly.

Check Out Our Video TipsMany hunters strive for neck shots. Neck shots are effective for gun hunters but should be considered poor shot selection for archers. The vital elements in the neck are just too small to be considered acceptable targets for archery equipment.

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