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When to apply second fertilizer application to food plot

Back To "Ask The Biologist?"QUESTION: I planted Buck Forage Oats in one of my food plots and the deer are tearing it up, but I was wondering when is the best time to apply fertilizer the second time around? And is it a must to take another soil sample before doing this? FYI, I’ve applied fertilizer and plenty of lime in the beginning (around the end of Oct.). I am hunting in northeast Texas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. — Gilbert O.

Photo courtesy of Hadley Creek Outfitters
Photo courtesy of Hadley Creek Outfitters

ANSWER: Given that you name a specific product, my first advice would be to consult the producer since I don’t have experience with that particular product. In this case, I recommend you refer to the packaging and their website at for information. I checked and couldn’t find an answer quickly. You might have better luck if you do a little more intensive searching.

The best I can offer is general advice for cereal grains. In your part of the country, probably sometime in November is a good time to come in with a heavy nitrogen fertilizer and apply about 75 to 100 pounds per acre. Make sure the plants are dry when you apply. You want the fertilizer to go into the ground and not stick to plants where it could burn them.

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