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Sticker Points by Tim H. Martin

By Tim H. Martin
Describe the best shot you ever made on Buckmasters' facebook page or the Sticker Points blog comment section.

What's Your Most Braggable Shot?

I've made so many unbelievably awesome shots, it's hard to pick just one. (Remember, we're bragging today).

It's probably the perfect 32-yard bowshot I made on a waterbuck in South Africa. I was nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs after watching that old bull for two hours. But, with five minutes of daylight remaining, it came to the waterhole. I managed to conquer waterbuck fever and made a sweet double-lunger.

No, it's got be the 250-yard, offhanded heart shot I made on an Alabama 8-pointer. I was sitting on a bucket, perched on an old ladder stand, with a 25 mph crosswind. That's hard to top.

Wait, it was definitely the triple I made on doves - the only of my career - on a windy September day in 1987. The birds all fell within 20 feet of each other. I haven't seen that feat repeated since.

But then, there's the fantastic bowshot I made on a gray fox.

It was a hot Alabama afternoon, and the mosquitoes were gnawing me like hyenas on a lion kill. I could smell a dead animal decaying in the swamp, not far from my climbing stand.

As the sun sank, I spotted a sleek gray fox heading my way. To me, a fox is a much rarer trophy than your average whitetail buck. This might be the only opportunity I'd ever get to collect such a creature in my entire life.

But as it approached, it smelled whatever was rotting and veered away, down into the swamp. Rats!

Then, an idea struck me. I pressed my upper front teeth into my bottom lip and breathed in, producing a high-pitched squeal, like a distressed mouse.

To my surprise, the fox turned 180-degrees, forgot the carcass in the swamp and made a beeline toward my stand. Its ears were perked forward and the fox was obviously drawn by the squeals.

I waited to draw until after it trotted past my stand. Estimating the range to be 22 yards, I then led its chest slightly with my 20-yard pin, kept my bow moving along with the target, released and followed through.

The green fletching of my Easton XX75 and the fox converged as if by magic. The fox whirled, ran about 50 yards, then toppled over.

Okay, I admit this shot was 90 percent pure tee luck, but I didn't want to miss this chance to brag.

I know some of you are pretty darn good shots. So, now tell me about your most braggable shot!

NOTE: Click on Buckmasters' Facebook link, find the photo of Tim Martin with a gray fox and leave your comment.

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