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What is the shelf life of deer urine?

Back To "Ask The Biologist?"QUESTION: After last deer season I had half a container of buck urine lure left, so I froze it. When thawed out this season will it still be good to use? I never have tried this, what do you think?
- J. Miller

Ask the Biologist

ANSWER: Urine, any urine, breaks down into ammonia over time; and that process is accelerated with exposure to air and light. That’s why most commercial deer urine comes in dark (usually brown) bottles. I used to do the same: store my leftover scents in the freezer, usually with poor results. The fresher the urine the better. When you consider the cost of an ounce of urine, compared with all the time and effort that goes into creating an opportunity, it’s probably not worth the risk that spoiled or tainted urine might have a negative effect. I’d toss it and re-stock just before next season.

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