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What Is The Best Time To Use A Grunt Call?

Whitetail Deer
Do you sit in your stand and wonder if (and when) you should use a grunt call? The truth is that there is no set rule about the right time to use a grunt call -- but there are times when you should use one.

Some of the "no-brainer" times include:
* When you hear a buck grunting and want to pull him in.
* When you see a buck that you know is not going to come by your stand.
* When you need to stop a buck for a shot.
* When absolutely nothing is happening and you're about to get out of your stand.

Check Out Our Video TipsThe above instances are all situations where it would be difficult to do any harm by using a grunt call.

"Blind calling" -- or just sitting in your stand and making buck grunts at random -- can work, but it could also have negative effects, the least of which is putting deer on a higher level of alert.

Like many other things in hunting, a grunt call is a great tool that every hunter should have -- but it can be over used.