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What color should I paint my tree stands?

Back To "Ask The Biologist?"QUESTION: I'm looking to repaint my tree stand. Over the years it has faded. I was wondering if there is any particular color that will do better to help blend it in to the tree?
- Tim

ANSWER: Most any dull, flat color will work, though the closer you can get to the actual tree color, the better. The key is that you use “flat” paint, as opposed to gloss, so it won’t reflect sunlight. It’s also important that you paint your stand well in advance of and away from when and where you plan to hunt. And leave it outside to “cure.” The odor of paint will be far more disturbing than the stand itself.

Ask the Biologist

Deer become used to solid objects like ladders, hanging stands and even towers fairly easily, but the more your stand blends in, the quicker that happens. That’s why you may want to consider camouflaging your stand by painting with a base coat - like gray primer - first. Then add lines or patches of brown, green or even black. If you really want to get creative, paint a base coat of green or brown. Then cover your stand with leafy branches (ferns work great) and spray over with a coat of gray or black. This will give your stand an authentic leafy camo look.

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