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Wet Weather Gun Barrel Tip

Wet Weather Gun Barrel Tip

By Tony Graves

When I'm out on a muzzleloader hunt, I always take a small piece of electric tape and place the tape over the end of my gun barrel.

This is really an advantage on rainy days and on mornings when heavy dew is falling.

The tape keeps moisture out of the barrel which could lead to problems with the primer igniting my powder pellets.

But I also use the tape trick on all my firearms, not just my blackpowder rifle, when the weatherman is calling for rain.

The electric tape works very well for preventing rust inside all types of gun barrels.

The tape will have no effect on your accuracy, because when the firearm is discharged, the gasses formed within the barrel push the tape off the barrel opening prior to the bullet's exit. 

Editor's Note: The finest whitetail buck I've ever taken came on a very rainy day in Ohio when I was hunting with a blackpowder rifle. I used a method much like Tony's to keep my powder dry by covering the gun barrel with a special rubber barrel cover made specifically for the purpose. I also wrapped the breech in a towel to prevent moisture from entering there.

If you don't have electric tape, you can also use finger cots or even the fingertips cut off a rubber glove. Just secure the glove fingers with a rubber band and you're good to go.

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