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West Virginia Hunters Harvest 145,577 Deer in 2007

From West Virginia Division of Natural Resources

-- Preliminary counts of game checking tags indicate West Virginia hunters harvested a total of 145,577 white-tailed deer during the recently completed bucks-only, antlerless, muzzleloader, bow and youth deer seasons, according to Division of Natural Resources Director Frank Jezioro.

This year's total harvest was six percent above the 2006 deer harvest of 137,621. A total of 67,505 bucks, 43,684 antlerless season deer, 26,965 bow killed deer and 7,423 muzzleloader deer was taken during the 2007 season.

The 2007 antlerless deer season, which includes the youth deer hunts, was 11 percent above 2006 due to the increase in bag limits and the number of counties open to antlerless deer hunting. 

"It is important to note that part of the deer management strategy is to harvest antlerless deer in counties exceeding the buck harvest objective and that is exactly what was accomplished in 2007," Jezioro said. The top 10 counties are: Preston (2,171), Mason (2,171), Monroe (2,123), Jackson (2,000), Ritchie (1,914), Wood (1,789), Harrison (1,615), Lewis (1,450), Upshur (1,371) and Wetzel (1,363).

 "Continued doe harvests are the key to healthier, heavier, and more productive deer herds. We will continue to recommend appropriate antlerless harvests guided by our deer harvest management plan," Jezioro said. "Where deer populations have fallen below desired levels, more conservative antlerless harvests will be recommended. Appropriate antlerless deer harvests will benefit not only the deer herd, but all wildlife dependent on our state's woodland habitat."

The special two day October antlerless deer hunt in Hampshire County resulted in a harvest of 258 antlerless deer. For the second year in a row, rain and fog on the first day reduced hunter participation and harvest. Conditions slightly improved on the second day.

The 2007 muzzleloader harvest of 7,423 deer was eight percent above the 2006 harvest.  The increase in the harvest is attributed in part to the increased number of counties open to either sex muzzleloader hunting. Generally, the antlerless segment in the muzzleloader season accounts for 80 percent of the harvest. 

The top 10 counties are: Braxton (394), Lewis (354), Preston (320), Greenbrier (307), Monroe (304), Upshur (270), Fayette (264), Jackson (246), Grant (239) and Mason (232).
Archery Deer Season

The bow hunters take of 26,965 deer was seven percent above the 2006 harvest of 25,301. The top 10 counties are: Preston (1,167), Randolph (989), McDowell (941), Greenbrier (894), Wyoming (871), Nicholas (850), Fayette (826), Mason (792), Raleigh (778) and Wood (703).

To see the Buck, Antlerless, Muzzleloader, and Bow Harvest table, visit the WVDNR website news section at

By se7en mag @ Thursday, January 17, 2008 8:04 PM
I am a WEST VIRGINIA hunter born and raised here.The way the state DNR is regulating our deer herd is by slaughtering our doe population,I DO NOT AGREE WITH IT!!! in the last 3 years we hunters are seeing less deer and we just had a licence increase which almost doubled the fee for them. There are better ways to regulate our deer herd to keep the numbers up,BIG BUCKS around and keep people buying the licence to hunt in our wild and wonderful state. I am concerned about the future of our hunting for my kids and there kids** Here are someways that would work better(1) slot limit our bucks-nothing smaller than a 4-6 point can be taken.(2)have bow season first then black powder season then rifle season then 1 WEEK OF DOE SEASON -NOT THE SLAUGHTER OF THE DOES from the time bow season comes in until hunting seasons ends at december 31st I think the deer herd is being sold out because of the insurance companies in this state do not want to pay for deer collision the end result is poor deer hunting for everyone.I have talked to several people that have told me they would like to see deer like they did 3-5 years ago.Several hunters are taking matters into their own hands and not allowing any does to be taken on their private land and restricting how many hunters are allowed on their land if the state does not want to do it right then the ethical hunters of this state will try

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