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Watch Your Stinky Watch!

Watch Your Stinky Watch!

By David Pershing of Elizabeth, Pa.

Hunters spend a lot of money and time trying to eliminate human odor and stay scent-free. We shampoo with special soaps, dress from head-to-toe in Scent-Lok, launder our clothes with odorless detergent and hose ourselves down with scent-elimination spray, yet we sometimes overlook the obvious. One odor-producing culprit could be located as close as the end of your arm.

Take a good whiff of your watchband. If it's not plastic or metal, you'll probably be surprised at what you smell. Obviously, if you can smell it, the deer sure can.

Check Out Our Video Tips!Over time, bacteria and odors from sweat seep into materials such as cotton, Naugahyde and nylon - but especially leather! You probably wear your watch every day, so it's a great place for scent to build and thrive.

Don't give deer an unnecessary advantage. Replace your smelly watchband with a metal band. Better yet, buy a cheap, plastic watch to wear in the field.

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