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Vermont hunter education now online

From the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department
-- The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is now offering an alternative to the hunter education manual and workbook—an online course for basic firearm education.
This new tool gives students another option for completing the information portion of the home study hunter education course.  Students must still register for a course, confirming with the instructor they are opting for the internet version, and they are still required to successfully complete the field day, which includes live fire and firearm handling.
“The online course allows students even more flexibility on when, where and how they learn the fundamentals of hunter education,” said Hunter Education Coordinator Christopher Saunders.  “However, let me stress there is no replacement for actual hands-on training in the field.”
Developed by the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA), the course is free. Students are not required to register on the site or provide any private information.  The material is nearly identical in content and organization to the hunter education manual. However, Vermont law and regulations are not covered, so it’s essential students review Vermont’s annual law booklet.  Students should expect to spend at least ten hours online.

This, combined with interactive demonstrations, is why this course is not appropriate for dial-up connections.  The course’s address is
Students must bring the printed documentation showing that they completed all (14) of the online quizzes when they attend the field day. The web site is designed in a way that students can only complete these quizzes once they have answered each question correctly.
All basic firearm education students, regardless of the type of course they are taking will benefit from a new online study guide, developed with  Also free, it focuses on some of the most important, most basic firearm safety information, making it an ideal overview for anyone interested in hunting and hunter education.  It’s good practice for students before the exam and provides some guidance that parents have been looking for to determine when their child is ready to take a hunter education course.
“Besides the obvious benefits to students, we hope this online guide gives parents a tool to access their child’s readiness,” said Saunders.  “After all, hunter education is the foundation to a lifetime of enjoying Vermont’s landscape. We want to maximize the youth’s chance of success.”
This online guide is also free and is available at      
For more information, contact Vermont Hunter Education at (802)241-3720.

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