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Velvet Bow Buck

Travis EastmanBy Travis Eastman

-- I was hunting during North Dakota's 2007 archery season. I got to my treestand about 3:45 p.m., and I sat with anticipation waiting for a deer to come. Time passed and nothing showed up except some blue jays and a little red squirrel, which was very curious and came toward me on a branch. The squirrel made it almost an arm's length away from me before I moved and scared it off. 

Then at about 6 p.m., a doe and two fawns showed up and hung around. Pretty soon another doe and a fawn emerged. But I was waiting for the buck that I had on my trail camera. So I just sat and watched to does and fawns and pretty soon one doe starts blowing and stomping to warn the other deer.

I wasn't sure what the doe saw or what spooked it. A few minutes passed, and soon a raccoon walked out onto the field. Not long afterward, two small bucks showed up and ran the smaller deer off. One of the bucks put its head down and chased off the raccoon.

Only a short time later, I spotted antlers out of the corner of my eye, coming around the edge of the corn. My heart started racing. It was the buck I had been waiting for still in full velvet. I thought that was interesting because the little bucks were out of it.

I waited for the perfect shot and took it! I made a clean shot. The buck didn't go very far before it was down. I was really pumped that I finally got a chance to see this particular buck just 25 yards away.

Travis Eastman
Gilby, North Dakota

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