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Vanilla on the Rocks?

Vanilla on the Rocks?

By Irby Edwards

Many deer hunters have caught on to how effective vanilla is as a curiosity and cover scent.

Vanilla-based sprays can be expensive, so I started making my own. Honestly, I have never seen any scent that works as well as this stuff does.

This homemade spray is inexpensive compared to commercial sprays, fairly simple to make, and only requires a few ingredients: beans, alcohol, water, a sealable jar and an empty spray bottle.

First, I buy real vanilla beans. You don't have to buy expensive beans, because you'll find cheap ones online, at the grocery store or Wal-Mart. You'll need ten.

Next, I purchase the alcohol. You'll need 16 ounces of 35% alcohol. Use the cheapest bottom-shelf vodka or gin you can find, but any odorless alcohol will do. Stay away from bourbon, rum or brandy.

Split the beans down the middle lengthwise, scraping the insides into a jar with a sealable lid. Add the alcohol, shake well and seal the jar for the next eight weeks. Shake the jar once a week.

When the time is up, pour the solution in to your spray bottle until it's half full. Fill the remaining half with water and shake well.

Now you are ready for the field with your own pure vanilla cover/curiosity scent. It works!

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