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Turkey Adrenaline

AllenderBy Tommy Allender

-- It was my first spring turkey season. I had gotten permission to hunt on 80 acres that had a creek running through the middle of a small alfalfa field and a thicket of woods.

I located a big oak tree on the edge of an alfalfa field because I knew the turkeys came into it around 5 p.m. So I set up about 20 yards off the field and waited. I began calling while looking around the trees and back to the fields. I called a few more times and decided to give the birds the quiet treatment.

Almost an hour later, I heard a twig snap behind me. I turned slowly and watched as a gobbler moved around to the right of me not even 10 yards away.

I couldn't shoot because there was a fence between the bird and me. Since I did not want to take a risky shot I waited. The bird looked right at me, and I froze, trying not to blink or flinch. After what seemed like an eternity, the bird made it to the alfalfa field.

When the gobbler walked behind some brush I sat up and raised my shotgun. The gobbler caught sight of my two decoys and rushed in. As soon as the bird passed by some brush I yelped and stopped it in its tracks. With a rush of excitement, I slowly lined up my sights, squeezed the trigger and made a perfect shot.

I walked over to the bird and picked it up. It was a beautiful sight. The bird had a 5 1/2-inch beard, 1-inch spurs and a very nice fan.

Tommy Allender
Argonia, Kansas

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