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By Mike Handley

True Grit

Decoys, calls, scents and even sacks of corn (where legal) might be far easier for hunters to carry afield, but folks who really want to lure a buck might consider lugging a mirror or a glass door into the woods.

Not a year goes by without news of deer, usually bucks, crashing into the glass doors or windows of homes, stores and even schools. When it comes to playing “chicken” with a rival, both the bucks AND their reflections win.


When a 5-point buck played the game in a Bentonville, Ark., home a few years ago, however, there was no winner.

Charging through a storm door at the home of Wayne Goldsberry’s daughter was not a good idea. Wayne was visiting, and he wasn’t about to sit by and let the confused whitetail do further damage to his pride-and-joy’s abode.

More of a take-charge dude than a shepherd, he peeked into the bedroom, where the bleeding deer was bounding back and forth across the bed, and decided to take matters into his bare hands.

After 40 minutes of wrestling, midway into which he limped out and told his wife to call the police, he waded back into the fray and broke the buck’s neck.

“He was trying to get up a corner wall, and I just came in behind him, grabbed him by the horns and started pushing down,” he told newspapers afterward.

When the deed was done, he dragged the deer out into the yard to wait for the law.

“(Mr. Goldsberry) got kicked several times,” a deputy reported. “He was walking bowlegged for a while.”

Some guys have grit. Some don’t.

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r david bicket
# r david bicket
Tuesday, January 25, 2011 12:30 PM
that is amazing,what did the deer weigh,how big was its 5 point rack,he was lucky he didn't get hurt! wrong house to break into.

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