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Treestand Treats!

Treestand Treats!

By Wayne Brittain

Years ago while hunting in Mexico, I picked up one of the simplest, most useful hunting tips I've ever received.

Take a handful of hard candy with you before heading to your stand, and keep it in your pocket within easy reach.

After an hour or two in the stand, just when you start to get tired or bored, take out a piece and slowly eat the candy.

It's amazing how something like a small treat will keep you occupied and help you enjoy even the monotonous times. It also gives you something to look forward to, which might just be enough to keep you from packing it in early and potentially missing the opportunity at a shot in this waiting game with deer.

The reason I prefer hard candy is because it will not melt like chocolate.

Editor's Note: I second Wayne's tip, adding from my own experience with kids. A few simple pieces of candy can extend time to your outings with children and cut down on fidgeting.

When my son and daughter were small, I always looked forward to Halloween so I could utilize the candy in the deer blind. I taught them how to use a pocketknife to open wrappers quietly, and then I'd promise them a piece of candy every 15 minutes until dark. This never failed to keep them happy until deer started moving. Not only that, but it kept their mouths shut!

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