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The Antler Art of Lynn Johnson

The Antler Art of Lynn Johnson

By Tim H. Martin

When someone shoots a buck in her little hometown of Van Buren, Missouri, Lynn Johnson doesn't see a potential shoulder or skull mount, she sees a whole lot of jewelry trapped inside the antlers just waiting to get out.

The second generation artist and longtime painter has been creating antler art since 2010, and has found it to be a great medium for using her artistic talents.

A longtime painter, Lynn discovered her knack for using carving tools while dating a knife maker who made knife handles from antler.

She tried her hand at making knives and discovered it simply wasn't her forte, although, during the process she evolved into a jewelry maker almost by accident.

“I was trying to carve a delicate knife handle when one of the flowers broke off. I thought, wow, that would make a cool earring! The rest is history.”

But earrings are just one of Lynn's antler creations. Other items include rawhide bracelets with crosses or anchors made of antler, antler rings and entire shed antlers carved in surrealistic motifs.

The Antler Art of Lynn JohnsonHer popular necklaces are incredibly unique, adorned with intricately carved feathers, tine tips and tiny beads of antler.

Lynn learned to incorporate beads of pewter, turquoise and other polished stones into her pieces to add color and create one-of-a-kind custom necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Feathers of antler have become Lynn's signature, and much like deer racks, no two are exactly alike.

When asked about her inspirations, Lynn said, "I have to credit my artist-father for being my mentor, along with several other carvers, artists and surrealist painters. But mostly, the things I do come from God, and that's where my greatest inspiration comes from."

Editor's Note: If you would like to purchase Lynn Johnson's one-of-a-kind antler jewelry, please email her at:

You may also inquire via her Facebook page:

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