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Trail Camera MFOs

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What are these ghostly images in my food plot?

QUESTION: Bob, one of my co-workers captured these baffling and ghostly-looking photos on his Wildgame Innovations trail camera this summer. One image looks almost like a flying corkscrew, and one looks like a floating spinal cord of some kind. Do you have a clue as to what might be creating these mysterious images in my food plot? - Brandon T.

Trail Camera MFOs (Mysterious Flying Objects)ANSWER: This might be pretty convincing evidence to the contrary for those who don't believe in spirits, ghosts or haints. However, I think there's a much more reasonable explanation.

Buckmasters Online Editor, Tim H. Martin, speculated that in all cases, the mysterious flying object (MFO) was simply a bat that either happened to be flying in front of the camera as it was triggered by the deer, or possibly, the bat itself was responsible for triggering the camera.

Trail Camera MFOs (Mysterious Flying Objects)

After carefully looking over the pictures, I'm inclined to agree. 

Cool pictures, Brandon. Thanks for sharing!



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